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3 Obstacles Giving Vehicle Shippers Trouble This Spring

The OEM vehicle shipping game has changed this spring. What we have seen is a market that has become less predictable and more volatile for four reasons. Read on to learn what hurdles OEM shippers are facing and how they can address them.

A Recap of Automotive Logistics' FVLNA Event

Back in November we attended Automotive Logistics' Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference. Industry leaders discussed capacity, flexibility, agility, and other logistics solutions needed for today's market. Here is sit-down conversation with Sergio Gutierrez and Sean Baltazar recapping what they heard.

Last-Mile Delivery; Vehicle Logistics

If you’re the transportation manager trying to navigate the many last-mile delivery challenges in today’s marketplace this article should help.

Rental Market Faces Refleeting Challenges and Price Increases

"Rental companies are responding by purchasing used vehicles to refleet while shifting their inventories to hot markets. The two-part strategy makes sense because it allows agencies to offer more budget-friendly options to renters while conducting enough business to navigate these uncertain times."

A New Year with New Woes for Freight Shippers.

While the intense demand has not reached the fever pitch it did in 2020, which was a result of the lockdowns and a virus we were unequipped to fight at that time, food and beverage shippers are still struggling with the many challenges of moving inventory quickly in addition to the current inflation and unpredictable consumer behavior.

The Semiconductor Chip Shortage: The Next Global Pandemic

Though the recovery may take some time, once the chips are distributed and vehicles are once again ready to roll, auto manufactures will need a turnkey solution to move the current stockpile of new vehicles out of the factory, VPCs, ports, and railheads.

Online Vehicle Purchases Only Increasing

Where there may have been a generational gap in the adoption and acceptance of online purchases, COVID-19 almost forced the older Gen Xers and baby boomers to adapt to this new normal.

Reefer Demand Rising at "Warp Speed"

As Operation Warp Speed accelerates, the spotlight has intensified on the vaccine's transportation, and more specifically, on the need for reefer transportation.

RPM Vehicle Systems Releases the RPM Drive App

RPM Vehicle Systems recently updated the RPM Drive App to include multi-language support and has bolstered track-and-trace capabilities, as well as enhanced the touch-less delivery experience.

Nuclear Verdicts Are Disrupting SupplyChains

One major issue that plagued carrier companies long before the Coronavirus has been the issue of crash litigation. These lawsuits award multi-million-dollar payouts and cripple carrier companies, ultimately affecting capacity for shippers.

Staying Home for the Holidays

If you're supply chain is not prepared to handle the fast-moving demands of this market, it could be one bumpy sleigh ride this holiday season.

RPM is a Great Place To Work Certified Company!

Culture has always been a top priority for RPM, so to achieve this certification in this challenging time, we could not be more proud or thankful to have the people and the leaders we have.

The Return To Professional Sports Could Be A Carrier Comeback Story

The sports industry is roughly a $420 billion (US only) industry. Once it starts running at full speed, freight shippers within the food & beverage, CPG, retail, and chemical space should expect some bruising blows if they are not prepared to meet intensely high demand.

How Agility Can Keep The Used Car Market Afloat

"Used car values plunged to great depths amidst the pandemic. Dealers want to move inventory, but low consumer sentiment, a reduced number of trade-ins, auctions at a virtual standstill, and fewer lease returns coming back to dealerships is keeping used cars from selling."

High Demand On The Horizon For EU Shippers

"Regardless of how chaotic or volatile the market may be, we equally excel in the spot load and long-term contract business because of our unique and valuable ability to be flexible and find capacity quickly."

RPM Makes Inc. 5000 Series (Midwest)

RPM places #71 in the first-ever Inc. 5000 Series list in the Midwest! We are honored to be recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.

Building Trust Takes Real-Time Effort

“Over the past decade, real-time visibility has grown from a want to a need to an expectation across all vertical markets within vehicle logistics.” – Sergio Gutierrez, President of RPM Europe

Scale to Meet Your Needs

“Now more than ever before, shippers should consider working with an experienced managed transportation service provider that has a large, dedicated network of carrier partners and deep relationships with these partners.” – Jake McLeod, Chief Commercial Officer at RPM

RPM Wears Pink

We went fully pink to support the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides initiative. Thank you to everyone who purchased shirts and special thanks to Christina Young for providing RPM with the best seat in the house.

RPM Vehicle Systems Expands in Europe

We are officially in Europe! This is one of the most significant milestones in RPM’s growth to date. Thanks to our team and our fearless leaders for taking RPM across the pond.

RPM Partners with Big Dig of Michigan

RPM participated in the American Cancer Society’s Big Dig of Michigan to fight childhood cancer by bringing the youngsters out to ride/operate their favorite heavy machinery. This is definitely one of our favorite events.

RPM Receives 6th Consecutive Inc. 5000 Award

RPM takes home a 6th consecutive Inc. 5000 award, an achievement only 3% of companies in America can lay claim to. We are honored to share this milestone with our team, carriers, and customers.

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