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Staying Home for the Holidays

Staying Home for the Holidays

With the Holiday season just around the corner and the Coronavirus infection rate on the rise, many state and local governments have implemented guidelines businesses must follow to help keep consumers safe. A recent survey by Travelocity® found that almost 60% of Americans report they won't be traveling to see friends and family this year. Feeling forced to stay at home, they are likely to spend more on holiday gifts and improving their homes this year. Early data suggests there should be a rise in online consumer spending, so if you're an F&B, Retail, or CPG shipper who has to support the holiday shopping season, you might want to buckle up because if you're supply chain is not prepared to handle the fast-moving demands of this market, it could be one bumpy sleigh ride.


In an article published by, the author states, "E-commerce has for years garnered standard double-digit annual growth. As consumers seek to stay home more with the pandemic and have grown extremely comfortable with online shopping, e-commerce stands to potentially gain even more of total retail's market share. Retailers also plan to zero-in on maintaining the right inventory levels, sharpening their pricing and promotions in what promises to be a price-sensitive season." Supporting this consumer shopping insight, reports, "More than 7 in 10 holiday shoppers plan to make most of their purchases online, up from 51 percent last year, according to a recent survey.”


While these trends indicate an increase in consumer spending this holiday season, there are no guarantees in 2020. What matters most to hitting your numbers is ensuring your products are on the shelf, whether in-store or in the warehouse. Being stuck at home and worried about potential shipping delays, many consumers will get their holiday shopping done early. But there will likely be last-minute shoppers who will put stress on your supply chain late into the year. With much attention given to F&B, Retail, and CPG in the holiday season, it's also essential that shippers in other industry verticals are prepared for the high demand on their products. Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for home improvement products. Unsurprisingly, people have wanted to make the home as comfortable for themselves as they could. As reported by Nasdaq, "With stay-at-home practice being widely adopted amid the pandemic, people are focusing on making homes an enjoyable and comfortable space. Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for home remodeling, decorating and maintenance of furniture are being undertaken. Companies are gaining from rising sales of products ranging from outdoor and indoor fixtures and appliances." 


If you're a shipper already struggling to find capacity and meet higher-than-normal demand, one solution is to work with a large diversified transportation service provider that can move your inventory in today's turbulent logistics marketplace.RPM, Named by Transport Topics as a Top 50 Freight Broker, works with small, mid-sized, and large-scale companies in every region across the country. And as a large, diversified, forward-thinking transportation service provider, our unique ability to flex up or down (bringing capacity to lanes in high demand), leveraging our 30,000+ carrier network, allows us to handle market volatility and fill capacity quickly for our customers. We provide full visibility and transparency with our shared TMS, so customers can track and trace in real-time. Our TMS, facilitates streamlined communication—single point of contact for our customers and carriers. 


While nobody knows how 2020 will wrap up, struggling to meet inventory needs could determine whether you are put on the naughty or nice list. If you’re looking for more solutions to your supply chain needs visit to learn more and contact us.

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