The RPM Hub Offers Convenience & Efficiency to Vehicle Carriers | RPM

The RPM Hub Offers Convenience & Efficiency to Vehicle Carriers

The RPM Hub Offers Convenience & Efficiency to Vehicle Carriers

ROYAL OAK, Mich., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The RPM Hub is an all-new centralized marketplace for vehicle carriers, designed to maximize tender strategies for approved network carriers. Vehicle carriers who use the RPM Hub can search, filter, and book shipments using real-time technology to satisfy all of their business needs within one reliable platform.

"The ability to market available shipments is necessary for logistics firms to interact with every carrier in their network," says John Perkovich, Chief Operating Officer, RPM. "Historically, both freight and vehicle transportation providers have relied on posting their shipments on sites in which they have very little control."

No carrier wants to run an empty trailer after receiving bad intelligence from an unreliable posting. The perceptive nature of The RPM Hub tackles this problem head-on by only showcasing verified shipments within the platform.




"The RPM Hub gives approved vehicle carriers in the RPM network the ability to view real shipments, with all the pertinent information necessary for selecting their next move," explains Perkovich. "Carriers may also setup dedicated lanes and contract opportunities, giving them access to thousands of shipments, customized towards their trailer type, weekly linehaul revenue goals, and service type."

Every carrier has unique needs, which is why The RPM Hub provides robust customization capabilities. More importantly, the Hub offers cutting-edge automation backed by a team of real professionals if you ever need to get in touch with a real person to ask questions. 

"In today's world, people expect to do business in a way that is specifically tailored to them," explains Brian Husman, VP of Network Solutions, RPM. "Transportation isn't any different. The [RPM Hub] is meant to meet the carrier where they are without removing people from the relationship."

Ultimately, this marketplace exists to connect the right driver with a proper shipper to reduce deadhead miles, increase SLA performance, and maximize trailer utilization. RPM's shipper partners also receive market intelligence to offer more competitive pricing.

"The RPM Hub enables carriers of all sizes to quickly gain visibility to the business they want while working with their sales rep to help grow their business sustainably," continues Husman. "We believe that at the center of a successful business relationship is a personal relationship and an efficient, painless transaction."




The RPM Hub expects to see an adoption and usage rate of 75-80% in the near future. The platform makes lives easier on carrier partners by eliminating the need to place calls into unqualified shippers and brokers.

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RPM is one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in the North America and Europe, specializing in Finished Vehicle and Freight transportation. Leveraging a robust network, we deliver thousands of units per month and address our customers' shipping needs by matching available capacity using our own proprietary technology tools and software. With our continued global expansion into new markets, we have expanded our 3PL solution-driven service offerings to include capacity planning, information technology, strategic planning, and inventory management.

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